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Welcome to
Touch Consultants

How about a real desire to connect with prospective employees in a way that fosters understanding and relationship and brand building? That’s the goal of Touch Consultants – to help you connect in a genuine way. We need to balance requirements and skills in a empathetic way that defines human connect with a positive intent.

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Trends in HR




We Love What We Do

Becoming a dominant consulting firm , Touch Consultants is spearheaded by Strong leadership.

Industry Exposure

We recruit for almost all major industry verticals.

India’s leading ITES company with annual revenues of US $ 6 billion+, etc.

India’s no. 1 “Home Healthcare Service” provider and NGOs"

Industry leader in travel technology solutions and BPO services, etc.

Multiple clients in Voice, Domain & Transaction processing

Global specialist in energy management, etc.

Leading provider of consumer durables, etc.

Supporting Industry leaders Audit, Analytics, IT audits, Business Intelligence, Risk and many more profiles.

India’s leading search engine for B2B and B2C products and services, etc.

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We are very happy with the Touch Consultants team on the project. Touch Consultants would be our top choice and we are looking forward to work together for future projects.

Rahul Dev

I am very thankful to the Touch Consultants Recruiters that they had provided me the opportunity to start my career. Thanks for your support…

Soniya Tyagi

  • Thanks for your effort, that Positions like Senior Manager- Tele (West) and Assistant Manager - Analytics & Reporting got closed. Both the candidates were outstanding candidates.


  • Thank you guys for being in touch even post joining and solving my transport issues by talking to the company and helping me continue.

    Job applicant

  • Thank you Touch team for giving proper guidance and direction to my career.

    New hire with one of our E-Commerce client

  • I am making more money sitting at home than ever… King Refers rules… thanks guys.

    King Refers member

  • You guys are the expert in referral programs … help me close a 1 year old position… keep it up.

    Leading IT Product Company

  • Congratulations on being selected as One of the only 2 organizations selected for providing Headcount mapping services.

    Leading IT product company

  • “Valued hiring partner”

    India’s largest NBFC with Global footprint

  • Kudos to your team. Keep up the good work as always.

    Leading BPM service provider

  • The first thing that come in mind is that if you face difficulty in getting good candidate you call Touch Consultants . They can provide best manpower available with focused approach along with good follow up.Thanks for providing excellent services.

    India’s leading Consumer goods company

  • I appreciate the outstanding service that touch consultant provided to us. Staff is very helpful and hardworking. I look forward to working with your team again in future

    Leading Pharma Company